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It is common to memorize the numbers of our ID, our CPF, and even CNH, for those who have more ability to record numbers. But, what about credit card numbers, have you memorized? Wow, this is harder, huh ?! Because the documents will always have the same numbers, the credit card will change the number when it expires, and then it will be necessary to decorate everything again.

And how are card numbers defined? These are rules designed to facilitate and organize the generation of numbers for all credit cards in the world. After all, you thought what a mess if each credit card company “chose” their numbers by themselves ?! Surely there would be cards with repeated numbers, would cause him a great and tremendous confusion!

Now let’s explain to you how this is done, and you will get more questions here on our blog! Remember that if you have specific questions, be sure to leave a comment so we can always bring themes that can help our readers.

It is not necessary to memorize the numbering of your card, but it is interesting to understand it.

How are credit card numbers defined?

How are credit card numbers defined?

Credit card numbering consists of a seemingly random sequence of numbers. But, in fact, each part of the numbering corresponds to a different identification, and although to us it just seems like a weird “number” that makes no sense, to credit card companies they make perfect sense.

All cards consist of a 16-digit number sequence except American Express cards, which have 15 digits. Each of these numbers has a specific meaning and is defined according to a rule.

What does each credit card number mean?

What does each credit card number mean?

You may have noticed, for example, that the first card numbers of the same brand (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, for example) are always the same for all cards. This is one way of identifying them, and worldwide Mastercard cards start with a number between 51 and 55, and Visa starts with 4, for example, according to rules defined by ISO / IEC 7812, aiming at standardizing financial movements by world.

Accordingly, each part of the card numbering represents information associated therewith to ensure that the card is identified not only within the credit card company administering it, but also throughout the financial chain of the market; It also ensures data security and card usage.

Credit and debit card numbers must start with numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6, as also defined by ISO / IEC. Other numbers identify other information, such as customer, loyalty programs, etc.

The last number on the card is the most important for its security because it is a number defined by an algorithm created by an IBM engineer named Peldon. This number serves to prevent hacking.

And what are the famous CVV numbers?

And what are the famous CVV numbers?

CVV stands for card verification code, and it serves as a security code to confirm transactions with your card. This code is set when the card is issued.

Usually the CVV is a 3 digit code located on the signature strip, which is on the back of the card. Only American Express cards have 4-digit CVVs located on the front of the card.

The CVV ensures greater security in transactions with your credit card.

And then, was it clear what those mysterious credit card numbers are and what they are for? Simple, isn’t it ?!

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