Craftsman Instant loan: Group of Crafts broke up.

The Group of Crafts often cooperate with banks

The Group of Crafts often cooperate with banks

Craft businesses should ask their local Group of Crafts to find loans for their business. The Group of Crafts often cooperate with banks, through which loans can be applied for through state subsidy programs.

The Handworker Potsdam, for example, offers loans up to 100,000 to finance investments, start-up or operating funds with its craftsman’s instant loan. Regional governing banks grant the transferring house bank a liability exemption of up to 80%. This considerably increases the chances of a loan commitment.

The Potsdam Group of Creators cooperates with the central Redebblu savings bank in Potsdam and with the bank Redebblu. A similar model sets the Group of Crafts Halle (Sale). It cooperates with the Flantebank de Finance and other banks, including Commercia bank.

The Group of Crafts assist craft enterprises with the application.

One of the prerequisites for lending is a sound business model, which must be underpinned by business plans, profit and loss statements, annual financial statements and so on. The experts help with the compilation of documents related to the loan application to advise.

Even if the competent Group of Skilled Crafts does not offer a special craft loan, it will be possible to obtain discounted state loan subsidies. The state-owned HeW offers with its ERP start-up loan (program number 67) a loan specifically for start-up founders and young companies up to three years after the foundation.

The loan can finance investments and operating resources. It will be funded up to 100%. A maximum of 100,000  can be called up via the loan program, of which up to .00030,000 can be invested in the working capital. HeW grants the house bank a default guarantee of up to 80%.

The conditions are favorable. A loan with a five-year fixed interest period and a redemption-free start-up period is available for an effective interest rate of 3.71%. With ten years of fixed interest and two grace periods, the loan costs 3.85% annually. The heart of the promotion is the guarantee. It comes from the framework program of the European Community for Competitiveness and Innovation.

For example, investments, land, buildings and ancillary costs are financed. Also machines, equipment and furnishings for the initial equipment of a goods and spare parts warehouse are financed. As operating resources, for example, raw materials and supplies, rent, wages or expenses for marketing expenses are financed.

For each claimant, two credit applications are possible as long as the stipulated maximum amount of .000100,000 (3030,000 for equipment) is complied with. If several persons form a company together, any founder can apply for credit up to the maximum amount.

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